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Update on life

Found the perfect venue and it's reserved. Our wedding will be on March 16th, in the Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium which is where our first date was. Our planner is really nice and easy to talk with so I'm not worried or stressed anymore.

Work is going ok, I was contacted by the BoE to train high school students in the city in preparation for going to Canada. I'm an elementary school teacher so I'm not so great at teaching high school students- I'm always surprised at how high their level is and I think I might be babying them too much. I'll try not to do that at our next training session. On the bright side, they've opened up to me very well and are asking lots of questions about Canadian culture. I'm not Canadian, but I think I'm answering their questions well.

This weekend I have a drinking party with a few friends I havn't seen in a while and next week Tomo and I are going on vacation to Yamagata prefecture, we're gonna pick sakuranbo and do some hiking so I'm pretty excited about that.

Senbei is doing great too. It's a lot warmer so he doesn't crawl into bed with us anymore and instead goes into his own cat bed in the hallway.
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I think I found it!

Yes! I think we finally found the perfect venue! 6 months of searching and I think we're ready to make a decision. What a relief.

The air outside today was absolutely AWFUL! All that pollution/sand from China. I was supposed to meet a friend at Laketown but we decided to cancel due to the crazy conditions outside. It was a good idea to stay inside today, can you imagine breathing all that crap in? The sky was yellow it was so bad! Anything 50 meters away was hard to see.
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What the fuck?! I'm so angry I have to write about this.

First, to clarify. I HATE doing the fucking dishes, they have to be washed by hand like we live in Eastern europe circa 1900 or something. Anyway, we have a system in place where whoever fixes dinner, the other person does dishes- usually I fix dinner because 1. I hate doing dishes and 2. my cooking is 100x better than Tomo's. Anyway, he quit his job and the time between that and his new job was one week, so he was doing a lot of the cooking and I was doing dishes. At one point I said we should split the work. Instead of making the other person wash dishes/wash the table and counters/ and vacuum. We could split the chores in half.

So today cause I'm very busy, I come home, make some pasta, salad, and toast and leave it out for Tomo to eat while I go to a private lesson. I come back at 10pm and the dishes are literally PILED into the sink. I was hoping to get a spoon to have some yogurt before my bath but all 5 of our spoons were in the sink. So I go upstairs on the computer to check the weather this weekend and Tomo comes upstairs asking if I was gonna do the dishes, I asked him why I should have to cause I cooked dinner. He storms downstairs in a childish tantrum complaining that we had decided to split the chores.

Here is the thing, he wasn't suggesting we split washing dishes, he wanted me to do EVERYTHING.

While he pouted like some little kid about it I went ahead and did all the chores cause I don't need a filthy fucking kitchen. Was I happy about it? Fuck no! I'm still pissed off. Who the fuck does he think I am? A maid? The chores are split meaning you do HALF, not I cut you some slack and do everything. What a douche.
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Merry Christmas everyone!

I haven't updated in weeks, so I'll just talk about what has happened.

I came home for the holidays so right now I'm in America. The first couple of days I worked my ass off getting into shape and had my appointment for wedding dress alterations done last week. It will take a couple of months and I'm both anxious/nervous about it. I bought my heels from Taylor Says, they have a 6 inch heel and usually Tomo wouldn't like me being that much taller but the shoes are shark shoes! They work great with our aquarium theme.

Speaking of which, Tomo isn't doing too well, his work is so busy, he has overtime everyday and with me gone it's difficult for him to clean the house, make his lunch, play with Senbei, AND still practice guitar. I can't wait to go back for those reasons. He needs my help and I also miss Senbei lots.

Christmas day was awesome! After dress alterations I've been stuffing myself! Better start exercising again in another few days. For my birthday I basically got brand name clothing 2 Milly tops, a skirt, a dress (4 things just from Milly? Can't help it, I love their stuff), and a Rachel Zoe skirt. A nice winter wardrobe! The Rachel Zoe looks so low quality compared to the Milly. I can't believe it's in the $200 range.

So, what did you guys get?
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Last week went to the Shinagawa Prince Hotel for a tasting fair. I'm pretty positive I want the wedding there, but because we weren't able to try any food it was a good opportunity for us. It was NOTHING like I thought it would be, I just assumed tasting meant sampling, but no! We were given a freakin full course and a dessert buffet! Keep in mind the fair was free! All of the food was soooo good and so fancy. Thanks to the dessert buffet I decided to shell out the extra money to have one at my reception. The Tira misu and macorons were the best.

We also got to look at our reception space, it's the VIP room on the 33rd floor. A small area, not really a banquet hall, but we're having a small amount of guests so it works for us. There is a lovely outside view. Last time we were there we saw the other side with the view straight into Tokyo Bay, but the room we are getting has a view of Western Tokyo. No skytree or Tokyo tower, but you can see Mt. Fuji really well.

As for reserving the date. Tomo wants it to be on my Birthday, not only cause he won't ever forget our anniversary, but because that day is Taian which is considered lucky(From Rokuyo, the old Japanese calendar) but I think I wanted to wait till the 22nd although it's not as lucky. I'm not concerned with superstition, neither is Tomo originally. We both originally hoped for a night wedding underneath Tokyo Tower on Friday the 13th (unlucky) on Butsumitsu (unlucky) just that combo made it really appealling and kinda cool! But Tomo's parents were dead set against it (mine didn't mind) so we didn't go along with it. I still regret that a little, although I really do love the Prince Hotel and think it is more convenient for guests!
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Today is Saitama's prefecture day, so I had off of work, but since government offices are still working (it's not a national holiday) I went to immigrations to get everything in my old passport transferred to my new one. I also got that weird new card thingy that is supposed to replace the old alien registration cards. Only took 20 minutes, but it's kinda weird. My visa is no longer in my passport (I was told it wouldn't transfer), so my card has to be used for everything instead. I guess that's better.

Tomo recently changed jobs so I'm getting used to his new schedule. He wakes up at 5:30 am and gets home at 6:30 p m which isn't so bad, but to wake up so early he goes to bed at 10:30 instead of midnight like before, I try to go to sleep at the same time so I don't keep him up. Because of that I'm super well rested and that's great, but I also have to do all the morning chores now and that sucks. (I gave Tomo a pass because he wakes up super early)

Speaking of chores, Last garbage day I decided to put the garbage in the hallway near the front door so I can take it out immediately when I leave, but sometime in the middle of the night Senbei ripped the bags open and had garbage strewn all around like some sorta crow. He ate coffe grinds!!! I mean, he's ok. He didn't get sick, but he made a huge mess.
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Tomo told me today that one of the songs Xecsnoin are planning to put out on the next album was written about me.

Guess I can't complain about him staying out too late for rehearsals or practicing every night. When somebody does something like that for you, it's kinda super sweet.

I feel bad for hoping the vocalist doesn't butcher my song with weird lyrics/strange vocals. But I kinda feel that way. Have some respect for the muse!
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Today 4 6th grade boys decided to re-enact the movie Mean Girls. Mostly the scene with the burn book and it got discovered right before my class which had to be canceled so they could get a pep talk about forgiving others and moving on.

For the record, this class is easily the worst at the school and if I was ever assigned to be their home room teacher I'd quit after day 1.
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I'm in love with the Nutty Bavarian. Apparently, it's a caramel nuts vendor in America, but I saw it for the first time today in the local aeon mall while getting groceries. I can't say no to the smell of caramel, or nuts- so I bought 2 bags.
AHG! I CAN'T STOP EATING! This stuff is really really REALLY good! BUT the shop is only seasonal and they'll only be there until Tuesday. I have to buy more!!!! I looked it up online and they don't have a place where you can buy online and the closest shop is in Ginza.

This is killing me.

To make matters worse I need to start exercising/dieting cause I'm getting my wedding dress alterations done this winter and caramel nuts are NOT HELPING!
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Busy week,

Saturday I met with 2 of Tomo's friends from his work and we went out drinking together. I usually worry about not getting along with his friends, but we just clicked! Made plans to hang out next month as well, totally looking forward to it.

Sunday Tomo and I went to a bridal fair at the Symphony cruise line in Tokyo bay. It's a boat wedding kinda deal, and the boat itself is really lovely, but it's HUGE! Even the smallest ship is a bit too spacious. Our coordinator was a man which was really weird because usually they're women, but he was hilarious. First thing he said to us was "Sorry you're stuck with Gramps" and he was really casual, also quite possibly the only coordinator who didn't start things by complimenting my Japanese which I appreciate a LOT. We enjoyed a nice 3 hour cruise around Tokyo bay, but I wasn't feeling it...maybe it was the casual atmosphere but I couldn't imagine it at all. I'm not sure a cruise wedding is totally us. That just means more things to think about. I feel like maybe we haven't found the best venue that really describes US yet. Maybe I need to go to a planner?

Work has been good this week, but I am so frustrated with this situation in one of my classes. There is this one kid who probably has an undiagnosed mental disorder. He isn't the best behaved kid and usually he sleeps through my classes (which I am all for, if he is sleeping he isn't disruptive). But you see, the problem isn't that, the problem is most teachers think it's a great idea to stick a quiet introverted kid next to the class asshole because it supposedly "quiets" the otherwise noisy kid. The thing is, this SUCKS for the good kid who has to put up with him. Because he always sleeps through class, she can't participate in pair activities, so basically she has to suffer and what for?! I try my best to put her into 3 person groups, but it's just sad to think about.

Uhg, and worst of luck. Yesterday my skirt zipper got caught in my blouse and I mean REALLY caught, it was jammed in there. I didn't wanna rip it, so I took it to the local tailor/cleaners to ask what can be done. They politely refused saying they weren't confident they could get it out without ripping it and didn't want to be accountable for ruining my blouse (makes sense), they did however give me tips on how I could easily get the zipper unstuck. Candle wax! Luckily we have some around the house in case of another 3.11 scenario so I rubbed the zipper down with the candle and voila! Got the zipper unstuck and my blouse out with only minor tears that can be fixed. Thank god!!